Hi! how are you? Could you introduce the band ? Who are Dagoba?

Hi, I’m Werther From Dagoba , I play Bass in the band. Dagoba is born in 1997 in

Marseille South of France.

We wanted to play music we wanted to hear, mixing all kinds of rock & metal we like as

loud as possible

Shawter : singer, sequences, guitars, Werther Ytier: Bass, Nicolas Bastos : Drums & JL

Ducroiset on guitars.



What`s the metal style that defines Dagoba?

Metal as wide as possible like Pantera / Metallica . We don’t think we can define or name

the band music with only style, we’ve been influenced by so many stuff like classical

music, rock & metal, electronic music , there’s a bit of everything we like in our songs.



Your last album is called “tales of the black dawn” Why you chose that name?

Each Dagoba album is a trip in our life , Shawter really likes to create a scenery , link

between all songs. It’s a very dark album, tracks are extreme , it’s maybe the darkest

Dagoba album so the cover with the bloody bat is related to it.


How about the response from the fans? Do you feel like more or less than other albums?

the fans really liked it , we toured a lot for this album and we had fantastic feedbacks . the

main problem was the record company who did absolutely nothing to promote the album ,

we did everything by ourselves & some trustful partners our company , booking agency .


When will you have a new Dagoba album?

New album is on its way, it’s coming out August 25th 2017 worldwide through Sony Music

& Century Media everywhere in the world. It’s called « Black Nova ». album is entirely

produced by Shawter , and mixed by Jakob Hansen ( Volbeat, Epica ) . Artwork was done

Seth Siro from Setpic Flesh.


Are you faithful to you style or could we hear any change or “experiment” in your music?

we’re still faithful to our music. You’ll still hear Dagoba music. We added some industrial &

electronic stuff. it’s very groovy & there are a lot of catchy chorus / sing along . maybe less

orchestral songs.


Do you compose the songs with all the band together? How do you manage them?

We used to arrange songs together. But it changed a bit. Shawter is main composer , song

writer of the band, we managed the things differently.


What`s your favorite song (from your band obviously)?

« Cancer » from What Hell is about & Maybe « Inner sun » from the upcoming album

« Black Nova »


Along your career, What bands have inspired you?

Pantera , Metallica, the Cure, Nine inch nails , Machine head in the early years.

Currently you’re on tour, in a short time you will go to Japan. Have you ever been there?

How are the fans in those countries?

We’re giving a few gigs « out of the studio » , just before starting a new big tour to promote

the « black nova » tour. so yes we’re to japan mainly to promote the band in this area , it’s

a new territory for us , and a big step. never been there & really glad we have the

opportunity to bring the band so far. Feedbacks from fans are amazing on the internet so

we can’t wait to play gigs in Japan.


Will you be in Zaragoza in May, Are you feeling supported by spanish fans?

always in Spain. It was maybe one of the first country where we played outside France ,

and we had so much great memories in Spain, we opened for Metallica in Bilbao BBK,

great gigs in Barcelona , Madrid, Bask country with In flames & Sepultura & intense club

shows in Murcia so I’m really looking forward it


What can we expect from that concert? What are we going to find?

a powerful metal live gig. hahaha


In 2014 we were at your Hellfest ’s concert. In there it took place one of the most amazing

“wall of death” that I’ve ever seen in a festival, because of crowd’participation. Do you feel

that energy in all your concerts?

close to it. We really like festival & playing live music, we’re writing music to play gigs , and

we’re adapting our songs to the stage & we really like connecting the band with the crowd.

Hellfest wall of death became very famous in the metal world scene, people are making

gif’s with that scene. we’re proud of that.



Where do you prefer to play, in small concerts halls or in a big festivals?

Whatever , we like to play gigs, that’s our fuel , so we don’t care of how big is the venue or

festival, we want to play & spread our music.



A few years ago you played at Resurrection fest. Would you like (or expect) to play in

another spanish festivals?

we definitly want to come back, we really enjoyed the festival, and it’s becoming of the

most interesting festival in Europe as Graspop , Wacken , Dour festival , Hellfest or

Motocultor so we’re ready to come back at resurrection.


How have Dagoba progressed since it was formed?

We changed as human beings first of all. we were very young when we started the band.

-line up changed but not so much, it’s a mature way of thinking & playing music.


Are you working only on music or involved in other kind of business?

Only music & Dagoba music. From our love of music & passion. so the band is not a

business we’ve could have done many different things but it worth of it.


What’s the most challenge for a band ? The time, money, contacts…

to spread our music as wide as possible.

we’ve been through hard times with bad record companies , that didn’t make good choices

for the band promotion, we suffered from that , because we were only bringing the band by

our crew , music , mgmt, booking agency but not by these people. we had to fight against

them . it was very painful , but now it’s a new chapter , we inked a very good deal and I’m

pretty sure it will change a lot the promotion for dagoba.


Which band would you like to do a tour with?

Metallica again, Dimmu Borgir, we already the chance to play with a lot of famous bands

so I’m ok.


In just one word: Dagoba is…..


Thanks so much for your time. You can dismiss the interview as you like.

See you at concerts

cheers guys , see you soon.

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